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Local News

Affinity (Regina Hill Ave) Ratified!
After only two days of negotiations, the parties agreed on a memorandum and the members ratified it on Oct. 16. Congratulations to the parties and committee on the speedy negotiations
Light the Night
We walked for a cure this weekend! A warm thank you to all who attended and donated.
Richardson Milling LOCKED OUT!
Coming up to 1 year of an expired contract, these 34 members in Martensville voted to reject the company's offer in July and voted in favour of strike action in August. The Union served strike notice and the company LOCKED these members out on Sept. 10. These members are standing united for a strong collective agreement.
October is Women's History Month
UFCW Canada represents women members in hundreds of workplaces, from retail and commerce to healthcare and food processing.We also address the work-life balance in our unionized workplaces and promote training that not only focuses on diversity but also inclusion of women in leadership positions in their workplaces.

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National News


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