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Local News

Moose Jaw kicks off Trans Awareness Week
LGBT friendly city: March 29-April 4 has been proclaimed Trans Awareness Week in Moose Jaw.
Pink Revolution Week Mar 27 - April 4
It is Transgender Awareness Week in SK! The Bullying Prevention Network invites you to get involved. Wear pink to make a difference, hold events and activities to raise awareness. for events in province. #TAW2015
UFCW Women Gather for Solidarity and Fun
On March 6 and 7, women from across the province gathered to celebrate International Women's Day at the annual UFCW Women's Conference. . It was an inspirational event of sharing where women of diverse backgrounds and lives were able to connect with each other over shared experiences.
Coughlin Supports A Greener Future
Coughlin administers the UFCW Dental Plan. They believe one way they can help make our future greener is for plan members like you to sign up for pre-authorized deposits, reducing the amount of cheques mailed out. Sign up TODAY!

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