Saskatoon Co-operative Association

Expires Nov. 19, 2016

Bargaining Representative: Lucy Figueiredo, Adam North

Bargaining Committee: Ivy Giesbrecht, Amanda Lepage, Shannon Orischuk, Darryl Orischuk, Colin Lawes, Dave Miller, Angela Mongovius, Leigh McCormick, Roger Haatvedt and Brenda Kachur.

UFCW 1400 (including our bargaining committee consisting of Saskatoon Co-Operative Association Ltd. employees) has met with your employer’s bargaining committee on February 24, April 10th and 12th to negotiate revisions to the Collective Agreement governing the terms of your employment. The bargaining process has produced a large volume of proposals; as is the case in most negotiations, there are some issues on which we fundamentally disagree, but also some issues on which there seems to be some common ground. Rest assured our Union is allocating the necessary time and attention to this process for our members employed by Saskatoon Co-Op. This also means that the bargaining process will take time; your patience is appreciated.


NDF informational and vote meetings were held on May 17 & 19, 2016. The results were the members voted for a $2/wk payment into the NDF fund for extra monetary protection in the event of a labour dispute.



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